a day of entelechy

on march 5 i registered the domain 
the word comes from a 70's album by parliament;
funkentelechy vs the placebo syndrome. one 
thing i found in my almost 30 years of listening to 
p-funk is that it's theory is very consistent. it 
never contradicts itself and every word has 
meaning and deeper meaning. and since my goal 
is to develop a p-funk philosophy site i researched
the meaning of funkentelechy by doing web and
dictionary searches for "tele; telechy; telech, etc."
all producing nothing...

march 13 was a beautiful sunny day and 
i was in the mood to be outside. i wanted 
a break from art galleries. so i decide to hit 
san pedro and check out the ports with the 
big boats, the huge docks and that big bridge-
and maybe a museum about indusrty or 
nostaglia. so i get to san pedro and im taking 
pics and riding and decided to check out the
fort macgarthur museum. this place is on a hill/
cliff overlooking the ocean up winding barely
paved roads. really cool, felt like i was 
i squeeze my car thru a partially closed gate and 
find the muesum is an old naval bunker. the door-
gate is open and there is an honor 
system donation box but there is no one 
around. i was so alone it was eeerie. time to
eat. i figured id hit the derweinerschnitzel i 
saw on the way in and come back to this 
beautiful place that i just discovered. i eat 
by this korean bell pavillion with an ocean view 
while talking to the birds. i finish eating and taking
pictures and once again i am in a surreal zone. 
all is right with the world...now lets go exploring!!
im riding along half paved roads taking in the
beauty, the sun and the air when i see a sign for
a sculpture studio. i playfully said to myself that i
was not in the mood for art today, and i meant it.
but i had to check it out anyway, sculpture is my 
fave...so i drive up a steeper barely paved road 
which only one car could pass thru until i reach a 
barn with sculpture in all different stages scattered
around a yard overlooking the korean bell and 
ocean. there was no one there but a radio was 
playing. i walked around and took a few pics of 
the work and wondered if i was trespassing...
by this time im very open and properly stimulated.
im just drifting around in surreal beauty when i see
another sign for a gallery. i think how could i come
all the way to san pedro to see boats and end up in
a gallery when i really wasnt in the mood for art?
but i had to check and when i did i finally saw a
human being so i stopped. she saw me pull up and
she came out to explain to me where i was and 
what all ths was cause i had no clue. she invites me
in to see the gallery and i playfully tell her "my 
mindset is not on the arts today." but i have a look
around...and the stuff was good. really good-
i was immediatley impressed with what i saw. my 
current surreal and free frame of mind made the 
works very very stimulating. i was in the zone 
where i didnt want to take pictures, i just want to
absorb and experience. i left my camera in my 
pocket and slowly walked alone thru the two 
story gallery. the work was very intellectually
stimulating, i was almost overwhelmed. so as im
leaving i go to peep this one installation i missed.
it was of furry creatures suspended from the ceiling
and stuff and was very intriguing. the creatures 
stimulated me in a very very very strange way. 

it tingled me in such a deep weird way that i went back to read the description of the work.
this is what i read...

Furry Friends

All matter in the universe originates from one source according to 
Hubbel’s discovery of the expanding universe.Scientists estimate we 
have been migrating away from this source for eighteen billion years. 
These works illustrate our minds unconscious telepathic connection to 
the origin of all life and matter.   As we evolve a psycokinetic attraction 
develops between Pneumas telepathically connected on parallel 
astral planes originating from this source.  This urge to reunite with the 
other pnuema’s from the same source symbolically is temporarily achieved 
when we touch other living organisms.   This series of work is inspired 
by Lerad’s childhood memories in the University of Wisconsin arboretum 
surrounding Lake Wingra.   This arboretum contains a small lagoon and 
island where he observed and studied Nature’s Kingdom throughout his 
youth.   It is here where he discovered an interest in science through close 
encounters with other animal forms and botanical life.   Memories of these 
intimate encounters with nature shaped the foundation for LeRad’s life, 
and continue to be a strong inspiration in this series of art.

Pneuma Vessels 

On the search for entelechy our pathway eventually leads us to the human mind
The brain is a complex cerebral vessel carrying an intriguing and elusive passenger 
the Pneuma.   As we drift, dance, fly, along life's miraculous journey we are touched 
and molded by the experiences & living beings we encounter.  In turn each mind is 
shaped into a unique vessel reflecting the memories our life experiences.   LeRad’s 
“Pneuma Vessels” are his illustration of the human brain as it transforms at critical 
psychological events in our life.   The majority materials used for these pieces are 
collected on his daily walks along Venice Beach’s Pacific Ocean tide line. 
The Oceans of the world represent to him a collective consciousness of all living
things on earth.   Each of our minds is influenced by this ultra consciousness and in 
some way is touched by and reflects this extraordinary life force.    On the voyage to 
enlightenment we discover that each and every life form is an integral part of larger 
organisms eventually culminating with the ne plus ultra : 
our Universe.   


the first line regarding "matter" and "the universe" snapped me to attention
and the rest of that paragraph pounded my intellectual senses.
when i saw the word "entelechy" it was as if a shock went through my body.
to find a key piece of something i was researching in a place so removed.
funkentelechy.com now has a whole new meaning...

i had never heard of the word entelechy until this moment...

i was overwhelmed and over stimulated. i stood there and read and re-read
the above 3 or 4 times. i took numerous pictures of the text for future reference.

i staggered to the lobby where the museum girl was and in my very
animated way i told her of the experience i just had. i inquired into the creator
of the work and she said lerad had just left about an hour ago. i gave her my web
biz card and told her if they ever needed any donated computer work to call me.
i left a $3 donation.

she told me i should check out the other galleries and i told her no. i said this was
enough and im over stimulated and need to shutdown for a bit.
i playfully left my camera and all the literature i collected on the table and
said she can have it cause i got to get out of here.

as i went to stagger out in my surreal half suspended state, i extended my hand
and asked her name. we shook and she said it was andrea. i screamed NO!!

if i have a best friend it is andrea. me and her chat almost all day everyday
and nobody knows me more or better than her. i call her my first true disciple
cause before i met her i didnt know that a person could believe in another
person so totally like the way she believed in me. and i never abused this trust.

it was really begining to be too much, too many things were happening.
even the way she pronounced it was the way andrea trained me to say it.

i told her that me and andrea are so close that i hate her. then i thru my hands
up in the air, turned around as i was walked out she said "too bad you couldn't
have met marshall." i instantly remembered and said marshall is andrea's brother.

by this time i was numb.

andrea then asked did i know a robin and i said no and i dont want to know!!
i told her i wasnt talking to her anymore, i smiled and waved good-bye...

angels gate cultural center
added notes:

some people say there are no coincidences.

the celestine prophecy (which ive quoted and have links to) says
coincidences are a major part of enlightenemnt.

my mission has been to consume as much data as possible, all kinds of data.
i know that consuming data about one subject
can lead to information about another subject
finding the missing part of the meaning to funkentelechy in an
art gallery i wasnt supposed to be at and wasnt in the mood for

i got butterflies in my stomach yesterday when i thought about my future

i researched the word "entelechy" and posted the definition to the
p-funk bulletin board. another funkster added a definition so good i created
a webpage inside theoryofuniverse.com
funkentelechy.com now fits into my theoryofuniverse.com

interesting in LeRad's text the word "energy" is not used

on the way from the las vegas p-funk concert to the anaheim p-funk
concert i asked my road doggies if we could listen to something a little
more mellow after 3 hours of weapon of choice. road dog kareem
pulls out a stack of cds and literally the first one i see is sade's promise.
this is the exact cd a few days earlier that andrea said was "me and her" cd.
andrea is such a deep sade fan that her 12 year old daughters middle name is sade.
after a few minutes of listening to sade we pass the funkadelic bus on the freeway

                     Pronunciation: en-'te-l&-kE, in-
                     Function: noun
                     Inflected Form(s): plural -chies
                     Etymology: Late Latin entelechia, from Greek entelecheia, from
                     entelEs complete (from en- 2en- + telos end) + echein to have --
                     more at WHEEL, SCHEME
                     Date: 1603
                     1 : the actualization of form-giving cause as contrasted with potential existence
                     2 : a hypothetical agency not demonstrable by scientific methods that in
                     some vitalist doctrines is considered an inherent regulating and directing
                     force in the development and functioning of an organism
                     from: http://www.m-w.com/


 (from Greek entelecheia), in philosophy, that which realizes or makes actual what is
 otherwise merely potential. The concept is intimately connected with Aristotle's
 distinction between matter and form, or the potential and the actual. He analyzed
 each thing into the stuff or elements of which it is composed and the form which makes
 it what it is (see hylomorphism). The mere stuff or matter is not yet the real thing; it
 needs a certain form or essence or function to complete it. Matter and form, however,
 are never separated; they can only be distinguished. Thus, in the case of a living
 organism, for example, the sheer matter of the organism (viewed only as a synthesis
 of inorganic substances) can be distinguished from a certain form or function or inner
 activity, without which it would not be a living organism at all; and this "soul" or "vital
 function" is what Aristotle in his De anima (On the Soul ) called the entelechy (or first
 entelechy) of the living organism. Similarly, rational activity is what makes a man to be
 a man and distinguishes him from a brute animal.

 Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, a 17th-century German philosopher and mathematician,
 called his monads (the ultimate reality of material beings) entelechies in virtue of their
 inner self-determined activity. The term was revived around the turn of the 20th
 century by Hans Driesch, a German biologist and philosopher, in connection with his
 vitalistic biology to denote an internal perfecting principle which, he supposed, exists in
 all living organisms.
from: http://www.britannica.com/bcom/eb/article/