this i do 
in celebration


(the we to be)

will not believe in god
much more independant, individual
not addicted to sex
wont need love, relationships or 
companionship for happiness
much less dependant on social approval
much more technological
information & fact oriented
100% honest
information will become god, 
knowledge not belief/faith
improved interaction of different cultures & races
much more spiritual
better understanding of the human spirit
much closer to the spirit of humanity


science will replace religion
knowledge will replace faith
understanding will eliminate fear

14th century
the state of knowing 
knowledge as distinguished from ignorance or misunderstanding
knowledge or a system of knowledge covering 
  general truths or the operation of general laws 
especially as obtained and tested through scientific method


pen and paper play



humans contribute consciousness
we are the only thing that can consciously control destiny- our own & maybe the universes
consciousness may be needed to "save" the universe
it may be the thing that enables our universe (or earth system) to survive and thrive.
that which enables carbon-based life to spread throughout the universe
humans have attained the highest level of consciousness known in the earth-sun system (11-11-01)


who we yet might be