and if your calling the "whatever" that created us GOD,
he most certainly didn't create us in his image.
There is no devil, hell, heaven or son of GOD.
there probably was a jesus, and he was a very gifted man
with many wise teachings and insight
eternal life is man's ultimate hope
man has never wanted to believe that death is the end
death is man's #1 fear
all creatures fear death most
god is #2
only man has "god"
took man's ultimate fears and his ultimate hopes
and created faith in belief and a belief in faith
which actually helped to "socialize" man-
it set the rules to control our natural instincts
and gave that control to those who controlled the religion

consciousness made us aware of our instincts,
the bible deems a few of these instincts as being wrong
and declares thru religion which ones these are (sins).

man wrote the bible then says GOD said it- 
"the word of GOD."
there by setting the rules to control man

religion then uses GOD to enforce these rules:
"the wages of sin are death, but the gift of GOD is eternal life"
man also enforces these rules, but 
"in the name of GOD"

    makes better sense not as a guide for one man to live forever,
(which can't happen cause forever won't even last forever)
but as a survival guide for man the species to survive forever

the values and philosophy of my high school: cardinal mooney


the most important development in our evolution from animal to man
we can do what we want
knowledge of self

before consciousnes living creatures could not sin-
totally controlled  by instinct & obey the laws of nature-
thats why we are "born in sin"
 we have freewill and the ability to sin
the fact that we can kill ourselves,
nothing else can deliberately end its own existence (suicide)
the laws of nature control everything but us
since everything in the universe depends on everything else in the universe,
the ability to break these laws is significant cause these laws may insure the survival of the universe

we consider consciousness to be unattainable for any other species,
but it is happening to man and animals even today
(any organism that can "play" has gained a bit of consciousness)


Man used GOD to enforce the punishments incurred if one broke the rules set by RELIGION (sin).

almost every culture of man that has ever existed has had a GOD of somekind

i do not
feel i should 
fear any creator
the most popular GOD today survived
on the strength of the doctrine that created him,
I would not
worship a creator, 
or feel I owed
my life to it.
i believe that in 
the very begining, 
something had 
to create itself
this GOD by definition cannot be dis-proven and 
is based on evidence that cannot be questioned. 
 in fact, to even question GOD is a sin against GOD!
We were not created
in GOD's image,
we created him in ours
no GOD of mine would ever kill  or be jealous
6/2/97 no god capable of creating the universe
would create life so it could die and go to heaven-

i cannot worship or praise anything that kills.
"God intended to kill the first-born of  both man and beast"


died for that original sin of adam and eve, eating from the tree and gaining knowledge of self
8/9/97 created to provide a way to eternal life thru pure belief and faith (nothing in nature operates on pure faith)
symbolically gave his life in trade for "forgiveness" for the original sin

no original sin, no need for jesus?

without all the scary "god gonna get you" stuff in the bible,
the bible's do's, don't's and jesus' teachings are pretty healthy for mankind as a whole

jesus had very good understanding
and his teaching make a lot of sense-
but he was no god

6/2/97 GOD gave his son, Jesus.
Jesus was of Jewish persuasion, he was a Jew.
The Jews are seen as "GOD's chosen people".
The Jewish faith (his own people) doesn't/didn't recognize Jesus as GOD.

"why has thou forsaken me??" (who was he asking this if he was god?)

in the bible
jesus never once said he was god
he claimed to be the "son of man"

(homo sapien sapien)
we are born from the sun and the earth,
we are their grandest achievement

we have an "obligation" to every life form, the earth and the sun
since we are the zenith of the their project life and the creation thereof

the success of man in the long term (millions of years) is effected by what we do today

man is a relatively young species...think of what man will be in 200 million years...a billion years?
look at what he has done and how he has grown over the last 4,000 years...1 million is 250 4,000's...

man evolved from animal, man became conscious-

emotion is being conscious of  feelings
emotion is  the affective aspect of consciousness feeling

sex is for procreating the species, all animals have sex.
man associated love with sex. "sex is better when your in love"
walking down the street is better when your in love,
in fact, everything is-

man connected marriage to love

only 3% of mammals are monogamus

The first species of Australopithecus (the earliest genus of hominids
or man-like, upright walking primates) almost certainly took rise from
a more distant ancestor between 5 and 8 million years ago in East Africa

7/13/97 On 5/11/97 I cleaned everything out of my refridgerator and stored
it in my mother's garage. Today I opened it to see the "ruins" of a great
"culture." A culture which began, florished and died in an air-tight
enviroment with no sun light. It survived on moisture and the traces of
substances left behind. This culturte dominated it's universe for a month.

Life is very robust and dynamic.
It is estimated that there are 30 million different species on earth.

"Since cosmic radiation can cause genetic changes, some scientists
believe that this radiation has been important in driving the evolution
of life on our planet. While cosmic radiation can cause some damage to
individuals, it also has played an important role in creating humans."
-quoted from :