thesisUNIVERSE: intro

why we are,
we need to
what we are
in relation to
else in
the universe
a neutrino is a particle so small 
that it can pass through you, then 
through the earth and not touch or
interactwith anything...

imagine a firecracker exploding...POW! 
flash and imagine a 
firecracker so big that the explosion lasts 
for hundreds of years. imagine a explosion 
that happened so far away that it took 
167,000 years for the light (at 186,000 miles
a second) to get to us to see it. a SUPER 
NOVA is what happens to stars that are 
roughly 100 times bigger than our sun.

the universe is 15-20 billion years old.
the earliest genus of hominids (man-like,
upright walking primates) came from a more 
distant ancestor between 5 and 8 million years
ago. 8 million is .0004% of 20 billion.
so if the universe were a 3 hr movie, man's 
part would start with 4.32 seconds left...

the earth revolves around a smallish
ordinary star, the sun. the sun has a 
diameter of 1.39 million kilometers or 
860,000 miles and is 100 times bigger
than the earth. the sun is one of 100 
billion stars in the milky way galaxy.
from what we see of the universe, 
there are 100 billion galaxies, each 
made up of about 100 billion stars...
(one star, R Doradus, has a diameter 
370 times the Sun)

this much of the universe we are conscious of with our 5 senses and
all our instuments and tools. it is estimated that there is 10 to 20 times
more stuff (dark matter) that we can't even detect!

Copernicus and Galileo were condemned 
for suggesting that the earth 
was not the center of the universe...

my faith, beliefs and "religion" are based in
developing man's understanding of life and the universe
-from my AOL profile

the above quote should pretty much summarize all the information used here-
my ideas are based on principles which i feel are "widely accepted" by man...
ofcourse, since this forum is primarily controlled by me and my prejudices,
objectivity will waiver at times. the perfect example is that i won't argue the
technical definition of what is "widely accepted" unless otherwise forced to-
and that leads me to my next point...

a key to this forum will be outside input. i believe in total information
exchange and i crave critism! i scream for scruntiny! so
PLEASE E-Mail Me if you find any of the following-

i also will use information and data from experiments from
outside sources to form my own ideas and conclusions.
a lot of research has been done by respected experts in their
individual fields that goes into the collective pool of man's knowledge...

all pictures are PFUNK1 original